Focus on Positive Impact at a Larger Scale

COVID-19 Donation
Best In Business 2020

Positive Impact

We're incredibly honored to be recognized by Inc. for the Best in Business 2020 award, alongside companies like Allbirds, Instacart, & Squarespace, for our impact on the community, environment, and society as a whole. 

As an incredibly mission-driven company, we believe doing good is a responsibility, and we plan to create more positive impact as we grow. 

We are a team where everyone is working towards a common goal of creating something greater for the health of our society and the sustainability of our planet.

Non-Profit Donations

Veggie U helps to increase children's awareness of healthy food options.

Wholesome Wave is fighting nutrition insecurity across the US.

Ocean Conservancy is helping to eliminate trash in our oceans.

ACLU fights for civil liberties and equality.

NAACP fights for Black rights and social justice.

Hunger Network is helping to ensure no food goes to waste.

Plastic Oceans is looking to change societal norms on plastic usage.

Our Contributions

  • We focus on honest health by using clean ingredients and making it more convenient and delicious for our society to eat more vegetables
  • Plant-based meals help in reducing our world’s carbon footprint by 40% (among many other environmental benefits)
  • Our focus on diversity & inclusive include: initiatives to employ refugees and people with disabilities who generally struggle to join the workforce and the development of training programs across several languages to expand opportunities to others
  • Donation of over 100,000 pounds of fresh organic produce to those in need
  • At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team sourced thousands of PPE (face shields, masks, gowns, etc) and shipped them to hospitals across the US, including those hardest hit in NYC, Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland.