How Everything Works

First, you pick the weekly plan that fits you best. We have plans to accommodate everyone, whether the meals are for an individual, a couple or an entire family. And don’t worry, you can skip a week or cancel anytime. After you have selected your plan and checked out, you can choose your dishes from our rotating menu to customize your box! If you are a new client, you have up until Thursday 11:59 p.m. EST to place an order if you'd like to receive your first order the following week. If you are placing your first order after the Thursday 11:59 p.m. EST deadline, your order will automatically be scheduled for the week after the following, unless you select a different date at checkout. Each week going forward, you will need to select your meals by Tuesday at 11:59pm EST so that we are able to source the freshest ingredients to craft your meals. If you are a current client and decide to not make a selection by the deadline, we’ll deliver you one of each dish so you can enjoy a variety of meals throughout the week!

Your meals will arrive either on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays depending on your location. You'll receive tracking information to your email each Monday so you know exactly when they'll arrive! They come in an insulated box with ice packs so they stay fresh at your doorstep even if you’re not home. All you have to do is heat and enjoy!

We’re now shipping throughout the U.S.!

Unlike meal-kit companies that ship ingredients for you to cook, our chefs fully prepare the meals for you, so all you have to do is heat (microwave, stovetop, or oven) and enjoy. There’s no prep required! We want you spending more time doing the things you love.

Sprinly started with the mission to make it easier for others to live and maintain a healthier lifestyle, all without jeopardizing flavor. We want to be your personal chef and nutritionist, so our weekly meal delivery service is perfect for those busy individuals who don’t have time to cook every night, vegans working to maintain their diet, or anyone trying to jumpstart their healthier lifestyle with plant-based meals.

If you don’t make a selection by the weekly deadline, we’ll deliver you one, two, or three of each dish so you can have a variety of nutritious meals to try for the week! 

Yes, yes and yes! After you purchase your meal plan, we will deliver your nutritious meals every week. If you are out of town or do not want meals for an upcoming week, you can simply skip a delivery by toggling that week's delivery off in your Account. Simply log in, and click the white circle in the top right of each week's menu in the "Future Deliveries" section to skip up to four weeks of meals. If you wish to pause or cancel your account, you can go to your Account > Account Settings and follow the steps there. Once you can no longer see any of the upcoming menus, you are all paused. There are never any commitments, fees or penalties – we try to make our service as easy as possible to fit your lifestyle.

Please note that if you would like to pause or cancel, you will need to do so before Tuesday at 11:59 pm EST to avoid being charged for that upcoming week. If you are placing your first order, you will also need to do so before Thursday at 11:59 pm EST in order to receive a delivery for the following week. 

Every week, we have 6 new meals on our menu for you to choose from. Feel free to mix and match or even choose up to 18+ of any one dish! Our chefs design the menu to make sure there is a variety of different cuisines and flavors each week, so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be enjoying interesting new dishes all the time. In addition, we plan to expand the number of selections available on our weekly menu over time.

Packaging – We recommend either keeping the ice packs for yourself or donating the 98% water-based, non-toxic ice packs to local food banks, churches, shelters, Meals on Wheels or Girl/Boy Scouts organizations who can use them! Alternatively, you can cut the packs open and empty the non-toxic gel into the trash, which will mostly evaporate. The plastic wrapping can then be recycled. Also, the eco-friendly insulated liner is completely compostable, so you can compost the material inside the liner and then recycle the outer bag portion.

Food Containers – Our food containers are microwave safe, oven safe, freezer safe, and made of up to 40% recycled materials (highest % we’ve seen)! Of course, they are also 100% recyclable.

That’s a great question and one that we thought a lot about before launching our service. One of the reasons eating healthier is so difficult is because people have to make that healthy-minded decision 21+ times a week. We think that by allowing our clients to simply choose their healthy meals once a week, they are able to make one conscious, positive decision for themselves, and eliminate the stresses many people face when it comes to selecting healthier choices every day. Imagine a life where there is no more asking yourself, “what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner?” – and that’s because your next meal is already there ready for you in your fridge. Now, that’s utopia!

Equally important, because we are a weekly service, we are able to source exactly the amount of ingredients we need for that week. This means that the produce we use is harvested as close as possible (and sometimes even the same day) to when our chefs prepare your meals, allowing us to ensure that we use the very freshest ingredients. In addition, with the way we have set up our logistics and our source-exactly-as-much-as-needed model, our weekly service allows us to eliminate the waste you would often find with on-demand services or restaurants and therefore, we can lessen our environmental impact.

Finally, a core reason why we started Sprinly is because we wanted to spread honestly healthy meals to areas where it is difficult to find. So instead of opening a restaurant in one location, we decided to make delivery a central part of our business, so location will no longer stop someone from living a healthier, happier life.

Our Meals

Quality is the top priority for us at Sprinly! Each and every week, we source USDA-certified organic ingredients for our meals and only make an exception in extreme cases when it may not be possible, meaning we are not certified organic. An instance might be something like weather causing a bad crop for farmers. In those rare instances, we use our very best judgment to source the freshest and most nutritious ingredients we can find. Additionally, there are ingredients like salt that is a mineral and therefore cannot be certified organic. You can check your ingredient label for all of the ingredients that are organic! And as always, we choose to support mindful purveyors who share our incredibly high standards of quality and belief in sustainable agricultural practices.

You are always able to select which meals you’d like on our new menu each week (6 new meals every week) and we make sure to list the ingredients for you on the meal selection form so you can always make an informed decision and select which meals you want or don’t want each week. Ingredients are also on the label, which is on the packaging of each meal, and you can always email us at if you have any questions. At this time, we’re not able to customize each specific meal, but we have many clients who avoid certain ingredients and they simply choose other dishes that exclude those ingredients. Additionally, you’re always able to skip a week if you don’t like a particular week’s menu as well. We try to keep it flexible.

Our meals are prepared as a single serving and are packaged individually so that you can easily grab a prepared meal to take to work for lunch or you can also enjoy them for dinner with your partner or family too. Though they are packaged individually, many of our clients tell us that our meals can oftentimes last them 1 – 1.5 meals. On average, our meals range from 14 oz – 20 oz (salads naturally tend to be a little lighter than others, though we provide larger containers for salads). The best part about it is that all of our meals are nutritionist-approved and we use high-quality nutrient-dense organic ingredients so you never have to worry about overeating!

All of our meals are made fresh every week, and because we never use any artificial preservatives, we recommend that our clients eat their meals within 5-6 days of delivery, though some of our meals will last longer than that. Of course, we always suggest that you trust your instincts as well. To make it even easier for you, we will also mark the meals that are best enjoyed in the earlier part of the week, typically 2-3 days after delivery. In addition, if you’re really unable to eat all of your meals within the given time frame, you can to freeze them if you’d like. However, we don’t typically recommend freezing the meals, due to its impact on quality, but we understand if it is necessary at times. And if you do decide to freeze your meals, we recommend freezing meals like soups or curries, rather than salads.

Yep – each meal comes in a microwave-safe container with specific instructions on how to enjoy your meal. Some dishes may be eaten cold, others may require some quick heating on the stovetop or in the microwave or oven, and many will include a sauce and some garnishes 

Currently, we provide microwave and stovetop instructions but are currently still working on oven instructions.

After many months of refining our recipes based on client feedback and gathering very specific nutritional information for each meal, we now have some basic information listed on our Meal Selection and Feedback pages within your Sprinly online account! If you don’t have a Sprinly account yet, we would be more than happy to give you some more information, just email us at To give you a little more information, our meals will typically range from about 300 – 650 calories per dish, but our focus is always on nutrient-dense whole foods first. Our belief centers around making sure all of our meals are made with nutritious ingredients rather than calorie counting, and that the calories in our meals are coming from healthy sources like vegetables, nuts, and legumes.

When developing recipes, we are also very mindful of the sodium content in our meals as well. Our goal is to only have ~200 – 500mg of sodium per serving.

We love to keep it exciting with new dishes all the time, which is why our chefs and nutritionists are constantly innovating on new meals every week. That being said, you will see meals repeat after a couple of months, especially if our clients tell us that they really enjoyed certain dishes. But not to worry! We will still be introducing new meals all the time. If you enjoyed a particular dish or did not enjoy another, we’d love to hear from you at You can also give feedback on your meals every week by logging into your account and selecting feedback at the top of the page.

Yep – we do not use animal products in any of our meals. Whether you’re vegan, omnivore, or otherwise, we believe that everyone can benefit by incorporating more plants in their diet.

Yes, we only use gluten-free ingredients, which means that all of our meals and entire kitchen are also gluten-free! Although, our kitchen is not certified as gluten-free yet! 

We always keep both sodium and oil at a minimum for our meals. When we do happen to use oil, the oils we use are extra-virgin, cold-pressed, organic olive oil or a toasted sesame oil in some Asian-inspired dishes.

Sprinly meals are not certified kosher (at least not yet!), but our meals are 100% vegan, and our facility & equipment only process our vegan meals. We also wash our vegetables many times with our organic veg wash. All of our vinegar are certified kosher & organic.  Have thoughts or want to request that our meals become certified kosher? Send us a note at


Your meals will arrive on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays depending on your location. You'll receive tracking information to your email each Monday so you know exactly when your meals will be delivered to your door!

Nope. Our boxes are insulated and delivered with ice packs so that your meals will stay fresh for you when you get home.


No problem! Just email us at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

At Sprinly, we have a Happiness Guarantee. We are always working hard to improve Sprinly, and if there is anything that you are unsatisfied with, please let us know and we will do everything we can to make it right. Depending on the circumstances, we may provide Sprinly credit to you. Please note that our meals are made fresh every week, so we advise our clients to eat their meals in the suggested time frame of 5-6 days.